BEDROOM wrapping

Make your bedroom look new with vinyl wrapping provided by KITCHEN WRAPS UK. Contact us today for more information.

Upgrade the look of your bedroom

Vinyl wrapping is a popular option to update your tired-looking bedroom furniture. You can modernise your old bedroom furniture with our matte and glossy finish vinyl wraps, available in a wide variety of colours and designs. We can give your cupboards, bedside tables, wardrobes and kick boards a new lease of life. In addition to that, we can also wrap bathroom furniture.

Bespoke BUilt Bedroom Furniture Wrap

Wrapping bespoke bedroom furniture can provide numerous benefits, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the pieces. Here’s a detailed overview of a project involving the wrapping of bespoke bedroom furniture:

Objective: To enhance the durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance ease of bespoke bedroom furniture through high-quality wrapping materials.

Scope: The project involves wrapping various pieces of custom-made bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, and bed frames.

Bedroom Referb

This customer wanted to update their bedroom furniture in their main bedroom and spare room. We used NF56 ebony black wood coverstyl in the main bedroom and NF83 Driftwood brown coverstyl in the spare room.

Wardrobe & Dresser wrap

We wrapped this wardrobe and dressing table in Med grey 074 matt with white marble NE31 on top.

Why throw furniture out? Cracking casing?
Recycle and wrap all done in a day and no need to move or empty your wardrobes.

Bedroom Wrap

We modernised and brightened this old bedroom furniture by flattening the doors and wrapping it in matt white.

What a difference a day can make.

We can also wrap feature walls, media walls, caravans, and salons shops the list is endless.
So send in an enquiry form or ring our team with any questions.

Navy blue soft touch

We wrapped and transformed this Mdf bedroom furniture in NF14 Navy blue soft touch, all completed in a day on site.
This product offers exceptional resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays and wear and tear, with a 10yr durability.
Message us to see the range or request samples.

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