modernising old style kitchens

Many people think old-style kitchens are not worth wrapping, but we can flatten and modernise kitchen doors


We often come across old fashioned country or Victorian style kitchen doors and lots of customers assume that these cannot be wrapped, or they don’t like the style. Our trained fitters will use a ‘flattening’ method to cover the grooved areas with MDF after carefully measuring each door which gives you the benefit of a sleeker and more modern look to your kitchen. 

Old-style kitchen

Here are some examples of old style kitchens with patterned door and draw fronts that we have
flattened with 3mm mdf and wrapped to create a modern finish changing the whole look of the
kitchen and bringing a new lease of life to it.

old-style bedroom

We also get a lot of bedroom furniture with the same old styled panels on the doors and draw fronts and using the same technique we flatten them and then wrap them to transform them into modern looking bedroom furniture.

Bedroom wrapping

Bathroom wrapping