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At Kitchen Wraps UK we professionally wrap your kitchen, wardrobes and most other solid furniture in vinyl; a cost-effective alternative to replacing, without compromising on quality.

With over 18 years’ industry experience and nothing other than 5-star reviews, we are by far the best option for renovating your kitchen and bringing life back into the heart of your home.

We have a vast range of stylish colours and finishes that really do look and feel like nature’s most stunning woods, marbles and stones to name a few.


In a world that is looking bleaker by the day, we all need to do out little bit to help offset our carbon footprint where we can.


By opting to wrap your kitchen, you’ll be creating hundreds of kilos less of waste that would’ve been thrown into landfills. We are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to a new kitchen.


Your kitchen can be brand spanking new or 30 years old, spotless or damaged, flat, panelled or routed, we can transform it. And we mean TRANSFORM it. There are so many aspects of your kitchen we can wrap. The units, worktops, upstands, splash backs, appliances and in some cases the wall tiles. It’s then up to you to pick the right combination of vinyl colours and finishes to suit your home and make the space identifiably yours.

Pearl Symphony Wrap

We were asked to wrap a kitchen and shower with an artistic vibrant feel, so we used a colour-changing vinyl for the kitchen, Pearl Symphony and we designed and printed a wave design and fitted it to the shower wall.

Wooden kitchen Wrap

Change the style of your kitchen, or refresh the colour you have, we revitalised this kitchen and tabletop in coverstyl wood NF28 to bring it back to looking like new. The casings were coming away and badly damaged, the table was chipped and marked, after one day of our teams working their magic, the kitchen was like new again.

Old-Syle kitchen Wrap

We get a lot of older style kitchens, and people think they can’t be wrapped! But this is far from the case, we flatten the doors using 3mm mdf boards, and then wrap the door to give them a fresh modern look transforming the whole kitchen. Here we wrapped all the caskets, doors and kickboard in high gloss white and the work tops and splash backs in u50 black marble creating this modern new look.

Panelled kitchens

Here we have a traditional panelled kitchen in cream we have wrapped it in two-tone finish with matt white top units and a deep sea blue 562m on the lower sections and island for a stunning new look.

worktops and splashbacks wraps

Replacing work tops can be costly and time consuming, often meaning tiles getting damaged or all of
the tiles having to be removed and installed again. With our work top wraps this is not the case and
can wrap the whole work top as it is.
Using architectural wrap films we can create stunning natural wood, stone ,concrete and marble
finishes, that look and feel just like the real thing.
We can also wrap splash backs to match your new looking work tops

Bedroom wrapping

Bathroom wrapping